Blissful greetings! I'm Ky (key)

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your good and not to harm."

We've always been taught to forgive others however I had no knowledge on how to forgive myself for the limitations I placed over my life. I've spent many years living in silence with my mental disorder however now, I've decided to emancipate myself from this personal turmoil. It has become my ministry to help others living with a mental disorder do so as well. Through my personal experiences, I understand the fears, shame and loneliness that most people living with mental distress encounter on a daily basis. I'm also familiar with the toxicity associated with unforgiveness and carrying emotions that do not serve you.

My Story

After an emotional breakdown that lead to a suicide attempt, I began to search myself and evaluate my perspective towards mental health. Realizing that I was living in denial, I found how lost I was. The ultimate revelation was that I needed to take better care of myself so that I could be beneficial to my family and community. I had to stop living in fear of judgement and start living a life rooted in both professional and personal care. I also give thanks to God for sparing me and forgiving me for attempting to end my life. He says: "If you seek forgiveness, know that I have forgiven you. You've always been forgiven. You don't need to worry any further. I love you!" I rediscovered my relationship with my faith; forgave myself and I began to see the Oneness I shared with God and allowed the negative energy from my past to fall away from me. The knowledge of this unconditional love provided the opportunity to embrace my life and unravel the beauty of my testimony. Yes I was bruised but not broken. Your diagnosis, no matter how bad it may seem, gives you character and a badge of experience. The first step towards self-forgiveness is to embrace your whole self...all the good and indifferent parts. Now is the time to be authentic and unapologetically YOU! Allow me to help you with that.... [email protected]


Mental Health Advocate/Spiritual Development /Self-Forgiveness Coaching I CEO & FOUNDER of Hu'Mend Network: